InQuest Science

The Identifier™

Why track defects?

  • Regulatory compliance - Electronic Data Storage & Signatures - 21 CFR part 11
  • Parenteral Drugs must meet USP<790> and USP<788> for Particulates
  • Ophthalmic products, Devices, Cell Therapy, must have particle control
  • Maintain & Demonstrate Data Integrity of Inspection and Testing
  • Centralized product knowledge base for rational batch deposition decisions
  • Metrics for routine defect control and monitoring
  • Trending leading to effective inspection & destructive testing limits
  • Historical defect libraries for inspector training and product investigations
  • Secure, non-biased defect standards repository management
  • Supports a lifecycle approach to assure product meets “essentially free” recommendations of USP<1790>
Coming soon

InQuest Science brings to bear countless years of industry experience to bring you a modern regulated approach to defect tracking.

Based on the very same genesis as the upcoming USP<1790> regulations, we are building The Identifier™, the new standard in regulated defect tracking software.

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